Extended Project Services

SHARA provides a full suite of independent advisory services during the design development, documentation, construction, fit-out, pre-opening & opening phases of projects:

  • Ongoing reviews of architectural design development & documentation
  • Ongoing reviews of interior design development & documentation
  • Mock-up room planning & design reviews
  • Mock-up room inspections & reports
  • Ongoing reviews of F&B design & documentation
  • Ongoing reviews of design & documentation by other design disciplines including engineering, landscaping, lighting, graphics, kitchens, etc.
  • Ongoing value-enhancement, risk mitigation or peer review workshops
  • Construction prototype (quality control) room review
  • Pre-opening planning impacting design or construction
  • Quality control benchmarking inspections & reports
  • Handover planning from contractor to operator
  • Co-ordination with operator’s pre-planning activities
  • Planning for on-going defects rectification

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