Strategic Advisory Services

SHARA provides a suite of independent services to guide or support clients in the strategic positioning of their project’s built environment to respond to and align with its target market and to optimise its creative and commercial potential.

Services are tailored to suit our client’s aspirations and priorities with a focus on innovative problem-solving, value-adding constructive enhancements and risk mitigation during pre-design, briefing, concept design and schematic design, including:

  • Site analysis and suitability assessments
  • Building adaptive reuse potential analysis
  • Integration of new build & heritage buildings
  • Review and commentary on market studies
  • Preparation or review of project briefs
  • Independent full or partial Technical Services
  • Property positioning suggestions and guidelines
  • Potential operator branding options
  • Operational zoning and planning suggestions
  • Design alternatives analysis
  • Review of architectural concept design and schematic design
  • Review of interior planning, interior concepts and schematic design
  • Sketch overlays of architectural or interiors plans with comments and suggestions
  • Refinement or reconfiguration of design to improve guest experience or operations
  • Consultant scopes, demarcation and briefs
  • High level review of any or all consultant’s concept and system designs including F&B, structural, façade, services, landscaping, lighting
  • Attendance at project PCG meetings either independently or client-aligned
  • Value enhancement reviews and workshops
  • Risk mitigation reviews and workshops
  • Peer review workshops
  • Mentoring to enhance the growth of specialist skills in the industry

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